B2B Data Lists

B2B data is almost always sold on a licence basis, what you are effectively doing is buying a licence to use that data. The data “Licence” will enable that data to be used by, or on behalf of the licensee only.

Further restrictions are imposed in terms of the number of times that data can be used by the licensee. The main licenses available are Single Use, Multiple Use – either over a set period of time (usually 12 months) or a set number of uses and finally Eternal Use (sometimes called perpetual use) this allows the licensee to use that data for their own marketing forever.

Using our B2B Lists for fax, mail, telephone or email campaigns is a simple, cost effective way to help grow your sales pipeline. All of our data is backed by a 100% guarantee, and our lists are totally tailored to your individual needs meaning you get the most from your marketing budget and maximise your ROI.

Our Business to Business Lists are kept up to date by our ever increasing network of telemarketing agency data partners.

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