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Telemarketing Data Partnership – Explained

Tele-Marketing Partners are an integral part of our operation and are directly responsible for over 75% of our data cleansing.


1. Free B2B data for client campaigns
2. Free B2B data for your own marketing
3. Run your own counts online (not a requirement)
4. Ship your own data (after a 3 month probation period)

How The Scheme Works

We provide you with free, good quality B2B marketing data for your clients campaigns. In return you make us aware of any company or contact changes, so simple validation.

You do not need to ask any additional questions or change the way that you work, all that we ask is that when you are going about your activities, should you find out that a company has moved, changed phone numbers, or a contact has changed, that you inform us of the change.

If possible we would also ask that you inform us of any email addresses you may be able to add. This will also help you in the future as your next client might well want to use that email address three months down the line.

Data Usage

The marketing data can only be used for client telemarketing campaigns carried out by you, you cannot give the data to your clients to do their own marketing, in other words you cannot sell the data on to a 3rd party unless you have performed a telemarketing campaign in-house, and made us aware of any changes to the data..

If you have a client that simply wants to buy marketing data and you are not carrying out a telemarketing campaign then you would need to purchase the data from us at our standard rates less a 50% agency discount. There is no minimum order.

All data is supplied on an Eternal Use license with all available fields and contacts.

Contacts : Senior, IT, HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales & Marketing.
Includes Title, Forename, Surname, Job Title & Email where available.

Fields : Company Name, Full Address, Post Code, Telephone Number, Employee Size, Industry, SIC, Site Type, Legal Type.

Additional Fields (where available) Fax Number, Website, Company Email, Web Description, Web Keywords, Start Date, Credit Standing.
Modelled Fields : Turnover, Number of PCs, Number of Vehicles.

Free Data For Your Own Use

As a Telemarketing Data Partner you will be entitled to use our marketing data for your own marketing purposes, the data will be yours to do with as you wish and you do not need to report back to us with updates.

The amount of marketing data available to you will be dependent on how much and how well you clean our data. Extra credit will be awarded to agencies that are able to supply us with new email addresses.

Online Counting

All Telemarketing Data Partners have access to our secure online counting system, this enables you to run your own counts instantly.

The system is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge or experience. If you would rather not run your own counts we are happy to run them for you, our usual turnaround time is 1 hour.

Online Data Shipments

After a probationary period of three months we may grant you access to ship data via our online portal, this means that you could run your own counts and have the data in less than 2 minutes.

Our normal turnaround time for data shipments is 1 hour.

Limited Offer

This offer is currently open to all B2B Telemarketing agencies, we aim to secure enough partners to give our data an average record age of no more than 60 days.

Once we reach this point the open invitation will close and any company wanting to become a Data Partner will have to join our waiting list. This is to protect our data from over use.

No existing Data Partners will be effected and we will continue to provide them with free data.

This offer is only open to UK Call Centres.

Call us on 01392 927435 to find out how we can help.

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