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Testimonial : Enterprise Study

‘Marketing Evolved are one of the friendliest and most professional business data specialists you could hope to work with. They have been consistently prompt at responding to our queries and have gone above and beyond to support us with our data requirements.

After comparisons with several other providers, Marketing Evolved have come out on top for cost every time. Would recommend to anyone!’ Marketing Executive - Enterprise Study


Client Reward

"Just a word of thanks from the 4 of us here at Medialab for last night’s Club Gold tickets and champagne reception to Wembley for the England game.

Great seats and we had a brilliant time – capped off of course by the late England winner.

Looking forward to doing a lot more business with you in the next 12 months!"

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UPDATED : More Data Search updates

The data search tool for registered users has been further updated.

Whilst the majority of the changes are cosmetic to make it more user friendly there are some changes to the way in which certain functions work.

Modifying (clone) an existing count.

Under the old system you would enter the old ME reference in the count reference box, tick the clone option then then hit the Run Count button.

This would then run the old search based on the old criteria and load the parameters back in to the system.

UPDATED : Data Search Tool

Following feedback from our customers we have made some tweaks to the Data Search Tool.

It works in exactly the same way however now it looks a little neater.

We have also taken steps to make it a little more forgiving so you should not get zero results quite so often.

TFM&A 2014 - Thank you

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to the 200+ people that came to see us at this years TFM&A @ Earls Court 2 In London.

It was great to see so many new faces, and all the old ones too, not that you are old.. I mean it was nice to see so many of our lovely customers :)

Due to the huge pile of new inquiries we received from the show, it is taking us a little longer than expected to work through these, we hope to get this cleared up in the next few days. If your inquiry was urgent please call our Tom who will put you through to your new dedicated account manager.

IMPORTANT : Server Upgrade

UPDATED : All systems have now been fully restored and emails are back online

Please note that due to increased demand we are upgrading one of our web servers from a ZX Spectrum to a new super computer that would make NASA jealous.

The website is now running on the new server much sooner than we expected which is a good thing, but it does mean some other services will remain effected until the world catches up with us.

You may find the website randomly goes offline, but this is not expected to happen.

Official Show Data Partner TFM&A 2014

We are proud to announce that we have been appointed as the official show data partner for the 2nd year in a row for TFM&A 2014.

TFM&A is the UK's largest multi-channel marketing, media & advertising event.

Why Visit TFM&A?

In a marketing landscape where ongoing technological developments are having tremendous implications for our campaigns, our function, and our ability to drive intelligent campaigns, smart modern marketers like you understand the importance in staying ahead of the game.

IMPORTANT Update : New SIC Codes 2007

Our technical team updated our old 1992 SIC Codes with the most recent 2007 Version.

This took place on 21st of Jan 2014.

Any Data Searches run prior to that date that relied on SIC Codes as part of the criteria will no longer be valid and are unable to be shipped.

Any searches that did not use SIC Codes are not effected.

You can clone an effected search and simply replace the old SIC code part of the search with the latest version of the SIC Codes.

Updated Shipping Engine up to 50x faster

Our technical bods have recently made some changes to our shipping engine, all the changes were back end so you will not see any difference in the way shipping looks or works, however you should find shipments are now up to 50x faster than before.

Only File Holders, Data Partners and online purchasers have access to the shipping systems.

The systems have been tested so far without any reported faults, however if you do notice anything odd please report it immediately to your account manager.