Get 200 Free B2B Prospects by visiting us at the Data Marketing Show

Marketing Evolved are a leading B2B marketing list owner, offering some of the freshest tele-verified marketing data for email, telephone, fax and postal campaigns.

In partnership with the data marketing show, we want to help boost the struggling economy by offering all UK businesses 200 free, highly targeted prospects.

The prospects will be selected as per your specification, this can be done live at the show, and emailed instantly.

This is a completely free offer and is not subject to any form of commitment.

The project is code named "Sales Kick" and will be launched at the 2012 Data Marketing Show.

One offer per business only


Sounds like a great offer, see you at the show!

This is a great news for all UK local businesses but i wish there would be something like that in NY, USA too. However, never mind. i'm sure the business will love to become a part of this show.

Nick @

Dear Erik,

These Free 200 B2B leads that are given, Are they Opt in and have they given permission to be sent marketing information by 3rd parties?

What specific categories are these 200 leads into?

Have you obtained their permission to be marketed by other B2B companies?

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Thank you
Yogi Vedd

Hi Yogi,

Many thanks for your interest.

All emails are fully legislation compliant and safe to email.

The data can be selected from our UK B2B file which is telephone verified.

The best way to get an idea of the possible selections is to run a quick data search here

Can you send me some more info on your video sharing tool? that might be of interest.

Kind regards