Email Marketing Lists

Marketing Evolved are a leading supplier of fresh tele-verified B2B email marketing lists, all of our email lists are backed by our money back guarantee.

The email marketing list will be supplied in the form of a spreadsheet or CSV format to allow easy uploading into most email marketing platforms.

B2B email marketing is becoming increasingly popular, mostly due to the cost saving, typically it will cost less than 1p to send an email, whereas it can cost over £1 to send a piece of direct mail (if you factor in the printing cost).

Email marketing has the lowest response rate of all B2B marketing channels, mainly due to the increasing use of spam filtering, and also the ease of deleting an email that looks like a piece of marketing. One of the great things about email marketing is that you can get a report which shows you exactly who has read the email, and also then who has visited your website. To make the campaign more effective it is a good idea to follow up all these people with a telephone call.

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Email Marketing Lists