UPDATED : More Data Search updates

The data search tool for registered users has been further updated.

Whilst the majority of the changes are cosmetic to make it more user friendly there are some changes to the way in which certain functions work.

Modifying (clone) an existing count.

Under the old system you would enter the old ME reference in the count reference box, tick the clone option then then hit the Run Count button.

This would then run the old search based on the old criteria and load the parameters back in to the system.

The new process is to enter the old ME reference number in the count reference box then hit the Modify button next to it.

This will reload the page loading the parameters from the old search, it will not re-run the old count. It will now tick up any SIC code boxes that were ticked under the old search. Please note if you entered part of an SIC code in the SIC code box this will not be reflected in the SIC tick boxes.

Simply make any amendments and then hit the Run Count button.

This will create a new search reference number and display the reports for the new count.

Please keep your suggestions coming, we will always do our best to implement any changes deemed beneficial to our users.