Free Call Management System

The system is currently in closed beta testing, for a free account please call 01392 422 538.

What is the Marketing Evolved Prospect Management System?

It is a simple yet effective prospect management system for telemarketing activity.

What does it do?

It allows you to create unlimited calling campaigns with unlimited users, the calling screen is fully customisable as are all of the data fields, you can have as few or as many data capture fields as you like and position them on your calling screen accordingly.

The system manages call backs, and cold prospecting automatically selecting the next record to call based on a set of priorities.

Who uses the system?

Anyone involved in telemarketing activities, either for themselves or as a telemarketing agency.

The system is ideally placed for small to medium telemarketing agencies as every campaign you create is totally customisable as we realise all campaigns are different.

Does it allow custom filtering and targeting?

Yes it does, you can filter your data to select only certain records based on any of the data fields you have created.

It also has appointment auto targeting, this feature will target the nearest record to an upcoming appointment so that you can cram as many appointments into the same geographical area as possible reducing travel times and thus making sales reps more efficient.

Does it offer custom reporting?

Yes, as well as default reporting options you can create reports on any of the data capture fields you have set to be reportable, you can look at pie charts for quick visuals or generate comparative reports in a table format to compare users and total call outcomes.

You can report on all activity or outcomes or select specific date ranges allowing you to pull off reports from last week, last month or year for example.

Can I download the data?

Yes you can download the data in your campaign at any time, you have various options, like the ability to only download certain call outcomes, or data you have called in a certain date range, or data you have not already downloaded.

Can I upload my own data?

Yes you can upload any data into the campaign you wish.

Are there different access levels?

Yes as the creator of a campaign you can assign various levels of access from a simple user to a campaign owner.

If you are a telemarketing agency you can also grant you client's access to a campaign and allow them to simply view the reporting page so that they can track the campaign progress.

How do accounts work?

Accounts are linked to a single user, that user is then granted access to a campaign by the campaign owner or manager. This can be revoked at any time.
This means each person only needs one log in and only one account, but they can see all campaigns they have access to regardless of who created the campaign.

How do I grant users access to one of my campaign?

Simple, in the campaign setting section simply go to "Add Users" and enter their email address, they will be sent an email informing them that they have been granted access to your campaign. If they do not already have an account one will be created for them automatically.