Marketing Evolved are Business to Business marketing list owners. We process personal data under the Legitimate Interest legal basis.

GDPR recital 47 states “The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest”.

We licence our data to 3rd parties for marketing purposes under the legal basis of Legitimate Interest. We therefore trust that anyone licencing our data will ensure that they are only targeting companies that could legitimately have an interest in their products or services.
All of our data searches are bespoke to our individual client campaigns, we do not sell "off the shelf" databases.

How PECR/ePrivacy and DPA/GDPR work together for email marketing.
If you want to make your emails more timely, targeted and tailored to the individual, you need data: Demographics, preference, purchases, browsing behaviour, location and device information. All this extra information can help make email more relevant and valuable but data protection regulations (DPA and GDPR) require you to have a legal basis for this. This is to ensure what you do is fair, transparent, not excessive, and to make sure you look after the data you collect, store and use, and for that you need consent or “legitimate interest”.

We routinely call every record on our database to keep it as fresh and up to date as possible, this also gives companies and individuals the opportunity to be removed from our database should they wish.

If you have any questions, complaints or wish to be removed from our database please click here