Data Search & Shipping updates

As part of our commitment to provide you with the best B2B Data search engine in the business, we have made the following changes.

1. New dedicated Data Search server – this has actually increased the average count time by 2 seconds, however it is more robust and can now serve 50x as many requests all at the same time.

2. Search change – it is now possible to select “exact” job titles, previously if you searched for “Director” you would get every job title available with the word “Director” e.g. “Managing Director, IT Director, HR Director”. It is still possible to search in this way, just don’t tick the “exact job titles option”.

3. Shipping change – It is now possible to only select specific contacts for download, previously all contacts would be downloaded, if you still want all of the contacts just do not tick anything.

Our systems are built by us, for you, so if you have any suggestions, please post them here or email us directly, we can’t think of everything, so your input is greatly appreciated.