Testimonial from Centaur Media PLC

“After contacting Marketing Evolved regarding additional data for our campaign, they couldn’t be more than willing to support us in our requirement. They came back with over 110k senior marketing & sales professionals and after putting them to the test, we saw significant results including an average 10% email open rate." - Marketing Manager @ Centaur Media PLC

We would like to say a big thank you to Centaur for our testimonial, and for putting on such a fantastic show, the results of which were so staggering I actually fell of my chair when we received the influx of people applying for the MWL rewards offer, this coincided with the leg of the chair falling off, but I think that was just a coincidence!

Thanks again Centaur, we have already booked for next years show, and also two other shows happening in September, more info on those will follow shortly.