New Data Search Ability : Match & De-dupe Customer Supplied Files

We have added the ability for you to run matches and de-dupes on customer supplied files.

This is done under the Reports, De-Dupe & Cloning section and is only available to registered users.

Simply select the file that you want to match to, or de-dupe from from the appropriate drop-down list.

When matching to Customer Supplied Files you can also use all the normal selections, so if you have a file and you want us to add emails to it, simply make any normal selections and match to your file.

The file still needs to be uploaded by your account manager, but once unloaded it will remain available for future use, only the company name, post code and or phone number will be stored in the system. This information can only ever be seen or used by registered users within your company and Marketing Evolved staff.

If you experience any issues, or need some help using the new feature please contact your account manager.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our B2B data search tool, if you have any suggestions for new features, or comments on existing ones please get in touch. We are striving to create the best, fastest and more versatile business to business data search tool in the industry, but we cant do it without your input.