New Service : Evolve your existing data

mmm banana

If your mailing lists are out of date, incomplete, incorrect, generally abused, misused, separate or disparate then what you don’t have is an efficient accurate marketing resource.

What you have, is a banana.

Much like the real thing, the banana you have is full of fleshy nutritious marketing goodness ready to boost the energy of your business when its feeling tired, but the seemingly impenetrable thick leathery yellow skin is what stands between you and that sweet success.

What we have, is a data monkey.

data monkey

The great thing about monkeys is that they do two things really really well.

One of those things makes mothers blush, fathers cough nervously, little boys laugh their heads off, and little girls run screaming from the zoo.

The other thing, is peeling bananas, and fortunately Erik here, is very good at that.

If you have data in different formats in different places, he can combine files and standardise fields.

He can identify and remove unwanted names & addresses from your mailing list using intelligence you already have. For instance he can remove the bad debtors using information from your accounts system.

And did you leave the maintenance of your valuable lists to someone else who did the job poorly? Has the quality of your lists been watered down? He can sort that out too.

In fact, he can do pretty much whatever you want with whatever you’ve got.

Clever little data monkey.

banana woman

For more details about evolving your data using our new service
email or call us on 01392 422538

Of course, there will always be someone
who doesn’t quite get the hang of it.